Luxury semolina

Our manufacturing of semolina:

Promise of the largest suppliers of semolina, Mahbhb and not the powder, the preparation of this semolina from the finest wheat types using the latest technology, and is a healthy packed to prevent it from moisture, used types of semolina our industry dry pasta colors and fresh, snacks and biscuits, exotic, sweets East and Asia, and bread and pizza.


It is a pure product of durum wheat.
Semolina varieties have our peace:
Soft wheat semolina Semolina wheat center (Super)
Durum wheat semolina (luxury)

Semolina benefits:

    • Semolina is digested slowly, helping you feel full longer and prevent you from overeating.
    • It improves kidney function and thanks to fit on potassium.
    • Is a good source of two vital vitamins are vitamin C and B, as we know are necessary for good immunity from the disease.
    • For people who care about energy sources for the body semolina find the best way for this.

Semolina contains the following minerals:

phosphorus – zinc – magnesium and useful for healthy bones and nervous system.