Wheat Alambram

It is a grain of whole-wheat in the first stages of their growth. To feature full of nutrients needed by the human body and out of it called the Integrated food.

The wheat budded are a vital source of fresh protein and enzymes, vitamins and minerals have been recent scientific studies have shown its importance in our diet health, it is a simple food easy to digest contains high biological value.

For these buds significant impact of the benefit on the human body because they contain a high concentration of RNA and DNA, protein and essential nutrients that can not be for a person dispensable never.

Benefits of Wheat Alambram:

  • It helps digestion
  • Treatment of digestive problems and indigestion
  • Treatment of colon problems
  • It helps the treatment of infertility and strengthens fertility in both sexes
  • Students help to clarity of mind and a greater focus on the study
  • Treat anemia
  • Bring vitality and activity for people who suffer from degeneration of the body
  • Young and energetic applicants restores tooth and strengthens their memories
  • It removes many symptoms of the diseases of aging
  • It works to remove toxins accumulated in the body’s cells
  • Relieve the symptoms of stress and nervous tension
  • Gives athletes a quick vegetable protein digestion in addition to vitamins and minerals
  • Added to the meals of athletes can take advantage of the whole protein and nutrients in their diets
  • It offers the athletes a high energy (carbohydrates quick) assimilation
  • Increases endurance athletes
  • It increases the body’s immunity to the surrounding disease
  • Activates the thyroid gland
  • Very useful in both phases of pregnancy and lactation