Definition of pasta is drying forms dough made with the output of the addition of water to Smolina “semolina” or only wheat flour has been added to the eggs and some improved materials for color and textures. Occupies pasta now a prominent place in the food industry in the world and that are an important part of the diet of a large number of people Valmakronh important alternative for rice, an important source of component carbohydrates as starch from food composition of the human person and increased the annual consumption of pasta by a large margin, as well as the amount of production, which confirms the major development has occurred in the industry over the past years and did not immediately stop at this point All indications are that sophisticated another big and dangerous in this industry is done now introducing the latest technological systems in this area and that we work with here in Saudi Arabia.

Raw materials used in the pasta industry

Non-wheat flour, wheat extraordinary solid is crushed and be doing the extraction rate of 72% (fine flour) allocated for the manufacture of pasta wheat .
Smad Aldiorm .
Farina wheat solid .
Alfarina is food which is prepared by grinding and sieving the wheat.